Play Song: One At A Time

Now it's time to try this out with the band. Watch without playing as many times as you need to, and then whenever you're ready, you can play along yourself.

I hope you've enjoyed this introduction to the wonderful world of arpeggiation. I know it's probably tricky right to find this kind of precision in your fretting hand, but just remember that if your fretting hand fingers do their job well, your picking can be all over the place and it'll still sound good.

So this is definitely one of those techniques, where you can almost pretend like you master it before you really do; because if you just keep using it, the precision will come eventually. And if you're inspired to really dig in and work on your picking precision, that's of course more than okay. As long as you remember that it's perfectly fine to move ahead without being able to nail every part of the arpeggiation pattern.

Anders Mouridsen
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Play Song: One At A Time By Anders Mouridsen

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