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Root-Chord Strumming

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For this tutorial you just need a pick and a guitar- preferably an acoustic. And as always, when it comes to country strumming you'll get the most authentic sound from a steel-string acoustic like the one I'm using, but a nylon string guitar will get the job done as well.

It can sometimes be tempting to use a really thin pick because it makes the right hand work a lot easier- you don't have to hold on to the pick as hard and it's easier to get by without the greatest right hand technique. However, you also lose most of the "meat" of the tone and you're pretty much left with just the trebly sound of the pick hitting the strings. On the other hand, if your pick is too thick the attack can sound very brittle and unpleasant when you strum- plus it's much harder to hold it in your right hand. So I find a "medium" pick to be ideal for this kind of strumming.

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Root-Chord Strumming