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Post Millenium Rock: The 2000s

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Now that we have reached the last tutorial in this chapter, we're going to explore the rock music in the 2000's. Lots of great rock was made in this period by bands like Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Weezer, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and many others.

Although all these bands sound different they do share certain common elements in their sounds. The fact that it was now more common to record with computers rather than tape machines offered whole new opportunities when making records. You could now add layer after layer of sonic textures, and the guitar parts slowly became less clearly defined as being strictly "rhythm" or "lead", for example.

A track could be pieced together bit by bit, and recording music became more and more an art form of its own, as opposed to a representation of what a band sounded like live. Rock was probably the farthest it's ever been from the blues in this period.

Much of it still has that "uneducated" sound, where it doesn't really follow rules and theoretical logic. But it's cleaner than the grunge when it comes to the performing of it. Today we're going to explore this sound in a fun and rockin' "post-grunge" practice tune!

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Post Millenium Rock: The 2000s