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One of the most frequently asked questions by guitar learners is:

"How should I practice? What exactly should I be doing?"

Welcome to the Beginner-Level Guided Practice Session,
in which you can practice right along with me, and I will guide you the whole way.

It's almost like you are coming to my lesson studio,
as these are the very same exercises I take my private Beginner through Advanced-Beginner students through at every lesson.

I will explain every exercise, and then we will actually do them together.

We'll start out slow and easy, and as your skills improve,
we'll raise the bar with extra challenges.

It's important for you to understand how this Guided Practice Session is organized,
so you can get the very most out of it.

In this Guided Practice Session, we will cover and reinforce a solid roundup
of left-hand and right-hand exercises that will keep your guitar-learning progress
on track and moving steadily forward.

This Guided Practice Session is divided into 5 Key Segments.

In order to get a good full workout, you must complete the exercises that are appropriate
for your skill level in each of the 5 segments.

However, within each of the 5 STATIONS, you will find exercises at a variety of skill levels,
from Beginner through Advanced-Beginner level.

Start with the easiest, and move ahead until you find the lessons that are just the right challenge level for you.
Skip over the ones that are too advanced until you are ready for them.
And, as your guitar skills get better, you may then skip over the ones that are too easy!

In other words,YOU customize this Guided Practice Session
to your own unique set of strengths, and trouble spots.

Just be sure that you spend time with each of the 5 STATIONS,
and you will be sure to have gone through a good solid practice workout with me.

The 5 STATIONS in the Guided Practice Session are:

    STATION 1: Tune Up and Get Ready

    STATION 2: Let's Warm Up the Fingers!

    STATION 3: Clarity Inspection!: Master Your Chords

    STATION 4: Chord-Change Boot Camp: Faster, Faster!

    STATION 5: Make Real Music! Speed-Building Playalongs

Remember, you want to visit EACH STATION
every time you run yourself through this routine.

Ready? Let's get started!

Lisa McCormick
Instructor Lisa McCormick
Any Style