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Chord Inversions: Covering the Fretboard


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Chord Inversions: An Introduction

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Again, one of the most important things to learn about inversions is that you can make music go up OR down pitch-wise using a different chord voicing.

Eventually we want to be able to literally "cover the fretboard" with shapes! We want to be able to see all possible places to play any given chord.

In order to achieve this goal we are going to systematically play three major chords related to one another as a musical chord progression: A, D & E major chords. Notice that each set of inversions involves staying on one set of three adjacent strings, starting on the bottom three strings (E, A & D strings). Then we move to the next set of three adjacent strings (A, D & G strings), and so forth until we have used all the strings.

We are using three chords as a chord progression in order to SEE shapes become music we can HEAR.

In the video lesson I only demonstrate covering the fretboard with A, D and E major triad chord inversions. However, in the notation I have also included the minor versions of this entire pattern using A, D and E minor chords.

Take your time, be patient. Return to each lesson as you need to as you gradually understand and use more chord inversions and cover the fretboard with them!

After you have a good understanding of these concepts, then you are ready to put the theory of triads and inversions into practice. The following four tutorials present a systematic, integrated manner to practice them:

Practicing Triad Chords & Inversions Series 1

Practicing Triad Chords & Inversions Series 2

Practicing Triad Chords & Inversions Series 3

Practicing Triad Chords & Inversions Series 4

Happy triad inversion playing!

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