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Love In Vain: Introduction


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Love In Vain

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In this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to play the classic song "Love In Vain" as made famous by The Rolling Stones. This is originally a classic blues tune, written and recorded by Robert Johnson, and there are many great cover versions of it. The version we'll be exploring today features some classic guitar parts like the lonely acoustic that opens the song. After that the song is based on a slightly altered version of a slow 12 bar form driven by the acoustic guitar and bass and drums. If you wanted to play this song by yourself, you could carry the whole tune with just the acoustic part. That being said there is also a very moody electric slide guitar in the mix that adds a lot to the overall vibe.

Later on in the song a mandolin enters, and to those of you who aren't familiar with this instrument it's really just a small guitar with 4 sets of double strings tuned like a violin, and it has that beautiful high pitched sound you often hear in Country Music and Bluegrass. I'm going to show you how to imitate this sound on your regular acoustic guitar.

The guitar parts in this song are very loose and jammy, so we'll approach the acoustic guitar part by first condensing it into more concise part that we can break down practice. Then after that I'll show you how to approach all the different variations that he uses throughout the song, so that ultimately you can come up with your own interpretation of these parts. The slide guitar is not really playing an actual part, but more using some simple tools, chords and licks to add to the overall vibe of the song and the story. We'll talk about how to use these slide tools in both standard and open G-tuning, how to get both your acoustic and electric tones just right and much more. The song is in the key of Bb, and the song features a slow blues groove in 12/8 and the quarter note equals 60 BPM. So let's get started!