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Nobody Loves Me But My Mother: Introduction


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Nobody Loves Me But My Mother

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to play the classic blues song "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" as made famous by the one and only B.B. King. The original version of this song features only piano and vocals, so in this tutorial I'm going to show you a fun and authentic way to play it on acoustic guitar. Acoustic blues guitar is a great sound, and although some of techniques we'll be using may be a little tricky at first they're completely worth the hard work, since you can use them in literally hundreds of other blues tunes as well.

The song starts out with a classic turnaround riff, and then we're into a verse without the vocals. The singer will just do some riffing in this section. This song only has one verse, so we'll draw it out as much as possible. After the instrumental verse we'll have the singer sing the actual verse and we'll keep our part the same. Then I'll show you a great solo that works well, when you're playing completely by yourself, and finally we'll repeat the verse and finish the song with a classic blues ending.

There's some pretty tricky right hand work involved here, but I'm going to show you different ways to do it that range from easier to more difficult, and either one of those options will sound good.

The original version of this song is in the key of A-flat, but for the sake of convenience on our acoustic guitar, we'll play it up a half step in the key of A. If you want to play it in the original key the best thing to do would be to tune your guitar down a half step and keep the parts the same. The song is built on a medium tempo blues groove in 4/4 and the quarter note equals somewhere around 85 BPM. So let's get started!