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Oh, Susie Q: Gear & Tone


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Susie Q

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In this lesson we're gonna talk a little bit about the gear and tone that I'll be using to imitate this song, but always remember that most often, the guitar players you're trying to imitate have used all kinds of gear through the years and made all this different gear sound like them, so it's ultimately all in how you dial whatever gear you have and how you play.

That being said, the most authentic gear for this song would be a Rickenbacker guitar through a Kustom amp, but you can play it on any guitar and through any amp- You just need a good warm and clean tone for the riff. If you're using a guitar with single coils you wanna make sure not to make it too bright, so add some low midrange to make it nice and warm sounding. And if you're playing a guitar with humbuckers you wanna make sure it doesn't become too "big" and full sounding, so you might wanna roll off some bass and low midrange. But that's up to you- just listen to the record for reference!

The most important thing is to not have too much bass, since we'll be using the low E-string quite a bit, and you always wanna make absolutely sure your low E-string isn't clashing with the bass guitar, even if it sounds nice on the top strings.

Then for the solos I'm using a distortion pedal similar to a RAT and I have the distortion set to 11 o'clock, the hi-cut set to 3 o'clock, and the volume set to be slightly louder than the bypassed volume so that you cut through the band when you step on it for the solos!

Other than that I'm adding a tiny bit of reverb and using the front pickup of my Telecaster. For the clean solo I'm using an EQ pedal to add quite a bit of 2k to get that old school "nasaly" sound.