Banner Basics

We will learn the tune to "The Star spangled Banner" as a single note melody in C major.

It is in 3/4 time, meaning we will count 1, 2, 3 and repeat. There is an incomplete pickup measure of two notes on one beat. Most of the melody is very simple rhythmically. But there are a few places we have to play dotted eighth note and sixteenth notes. If you are aren't familiar with these rhythmic subdivisions, don't worry! Just listen and play along!

Generally, we want to let only one note at a time ring. So, there is a lot of muting we have to accomplish! Hit one note, let is ring, then mute it so it stops ringing. Then hit the next note! There are times when it's fine to let notes ring over each other. And when you are first learning the tune, it's fine to just play the notes in order to get used to the physical placement of your fingers.

But eventually it is very good practice to mute all but one note at a time. It's helps single note melodies like this one sound much more clear, clean and musical.