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When I Am Weak: Tones & Effects


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GUITAR: Any guitar with any pickup combination is suitable to play this song. Just be sure to choose the bridge pickup for the most clarity and power.

AMP: The dynamics in this tune can be achieved by playing through a clean tube amp for your clean verses, then switching in a fuzz pedal in front of the amp for the choruses and the solo. Here are the amp and effect settings I used for this tutorial:

Marshall Plexi model: Drive: 75% Bass: 60% Mid: 100% Treble: 60% Presence: 60%

EFFECTS: Use a fuzz pedal for the insane gain needed for the choruses and solo. Also kick in a rotovibe pedal for the guitar solo, but note that any kind of warbly modulation pedal could do the trick here (univibe, extreme chorus settings, etc). Check out the settings I used:

Fuzz Pedal: Drive: 100% Gain: 100% Countour: 50%

RotoVibe Pedal: Speed: FAST Tone: 100% Wet/Dry Mix: 40%

When you listen closely to this tune, you realize that there is a guitar in the left speaker, and another guitar in the right, playing mostly the same parts. This is a common production technique called "double tracking", and it makes the guitar sound more dense.

You'll notice in the verse sections that the guitar in the right speaker plays much sparser than the guitar in the left, so if you play in a band with 2 guitarists try having the second guitar emulate this by playing the chords, but not fully arpeggiating like guitar 1 is.