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For the choruses we're coming in full force with a huge sound; we're blending two hi gain guitars playing different voicings.

Guitar one plays these voicing starting on Dbmaj/Ab adding that 5th in the bass to make it extra thick, then to Abmaj playing the barre chord but only the low strings to the G string.

After that we move the same voicing to Gb then down to F then back to the Ab before the progression recycles. The most important thing to get right here is the rhythm, you really follow the drummers groove. Be sure to get this rhythm down and have it under your fingers before you start playing along, because we're gonna blend this guitar with another one doing the same rhythm.

Guitar two will play the full barre chords of the progression, starting on Db up on the 9th fret of the low E string. Here you want to get the full chord and get all the strings. Once again, start on Db to Ab to Gb to F, and then back to Ab. To get back up to the Db this guitar slides up to the 9th fret adding a cool sound to the riff.
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