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Golden Boy: Verses


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All the guitars that appear in the verses are based on the same idea, so you'll start with a Db power chord on the fourth fret of the A string. All the chords will be based on this rhythm in the verses. Then we move up a major third to an F power chord on the 8th fret of the A string, same voicing and rhythm, then up a half step to Gb then back down to Eb before the progression recycles.

You simply repeat this until the last Gb before the chorus, then there's a variation. Instead of playing the regular rhythm you're going to do a chromatic walk down from Gb to Eb. This is the basis of all the verses.

Halfway through the first verse, when the drums come in, there's a guitar with slight distortion that comes in and doubles the flange guitar.

Once you get to the Gb and the chromatic walkdown, one of the chorus guitars comes in with full distortion and builds the verse just before the chorus.

In the second verse, the slightly distorted guitar will change it up and add more rhythm with some straight 16th notes, which is a really cool way to change up the verse. I'm slightly palm muting this part as opposed to the first guitar that is played open.

Halfway through the second verse, to change it up even further and take it up one more notch, all the guitars add a hit on beat 4. You'll notice how the more distorted guitar is playing a little lazier and slides out of these hits.
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