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Drop C: Example Progression


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An Introduction to Drop C Tuning

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This will be a basic and common chord progression, showing you how to use the 3 note chords. Play your 6-5-4 strings open for the notes C-G-C, forming a C5 power chord. Next, take your 1st finger and bar your 6-5-4 strings at the 3rd fret for the notes Eb-Bb-Eb forming an Eb5 power chord.

Now take your 3rd finger and bar your 6-5-4 strings at the 5th fret for the notes F-C-F forming an F5 power chord. You'll probably recognize this and hear the similarities to some of your favorite rock and metal riffs right away! By adding just the right amount of gain to your amp you can make just these three note chords sound really huge. In fact, plenty of songs in Drop C are written just using these.

You can also play this progression with the six note per string chords listed above. Starting with the C Major then moving up to the 3rd fret for the Eb suspended 2nd, and finally moving up to the 5th fret for the F suspended second.

We've really only scratched the surface of the fun you can have with Drop C. Look for advanced chord progressions, single note riff ideas, as well as advice on soloing in the near future. Thanks for hanging out with me and keep on rockin'!
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