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Alrighty, just a short drill here to go with the previous lesson.
This one is not about licks or anything that you would use in a song...but more just about learning the notes of the neck a bit better. In the previous segment, we worked with repeating licks in different octaves.....here, we are going the opposite route and using a 3 note pattern across 4 strings, that all sound at the same pitch. Which naturally means a lot of positional shifting to do.
So, the goal here will be two things primarily...#1) To find these 3 notes across the strings & again realize how the guitar neck repeats itself constantly. This time with the same pitches, not in octaves......#2) To learn how to relax & allow our fretting hands to change positions quickly enough to play these wide jumps as smoothly as if we were playing all the notes on 1 string.
This lesson features just one single possiblilty for an exercise...Take this basic idea and apply it to each segment of the scale & it will really open up the neck for you.

Also, one final note....be sure to take notice of how even though the pitches are the same, the notes will have a slightly different timbre as you move across the strings. The tone of the note should sound slightly "fatter" as you move up the neck & on to a heavier string. It's just something to keep in mind and experiment with, as you write/play your own stuff. Soemtimes even though the note's pitch wil be the same, playing a note at a different position on the neck can completely change the feel of a lick or riff.
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