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Whole Step and Whole Step


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Visualizing Fretboard Scale Patterns Series 1

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In this tutorial we will look at a way of visualizing the guitar fretboard. First we will look at playing diatonic scales (major, minor and the various diatonic modes) in patterns that result in 3 notes per string. By doing this the result is that there are only 3 different shapes to learn. That is to say, every diatonic scale can be played by using combinations of only these three basic fingerings.

1 - Whole step - whole step
2 - Half step - whole step
3 - Whole step - half step

Next, we look for places to play each pattern on 2 adjacent strings. This makes it easier to play any given pattern. Then, we play each 3 notes per string times 2 adjacent strings as a group of 6 notes. Next, we play each group of 6 notes in three different octaves across the fretboard.

This is a very important way of "opening up the fretboard". Using this idea is how many guitarists are first exposed to the idea of "how to use all the strings" or "more of the neck". It's crucial to see that essentially the guitar, and all music, is patterns that get repeated over and again in different octaves, higher and lower.

In this lesson I use the first pattern as an example: Whole step - Whole step.

Here are more tutorials covering different aspects of visualizing, playing and using fretboard scale patterns.

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This is a great tool for use in any genre of music.

Once you have a grasp on all these patterns, then you are ready to learn how to use them to play fast licks, or show to shred! These tutorials are a series on building and using speed (very fast playing).

Speedy Ideas Series 1: Building Speed

Speedy Ideas Series 2: Major Scale Pattern

Speedy Ideas Series 3: Minor Scale Pattern

Speedy Ideas Series 4: Advanced Minor Shredding

Speedy Ideas Series 5: Advanced Major Shredding

I hope you have fun with all of it!

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