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Finding the I Chord Notes


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Major Notes in Minor Pentatonic Series 2

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A typical blues tunes has a I-IV-V chord progression. So a blues in A has these chords - A7 (I) - D7 (IV) - E7(V) - in some order. All three of those chords are built by using the 1st, major 3rd, 5th, and minor 7th of their own scales. Like this:

A7 is A (1st) - C# (major 3rd) - E (5th) - G (minor 7th)
D7 is D (1st) - F# (major 3rd) - A (5th) - C (minor 7th)
E7 is E (1st) - G# (major 3rd) - B (5th) - D (minor 7th)

So, the trick is to find places to include the notes of those chords inside the A minor pentatonic "box" shape. Then, use them when those chords happen in the progression.

Let's find the notes of the A7 chord in the A minor pentatonic "box" shape & build a lick to play over the I chord.

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