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Guitar Tricks Instructor
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Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 08/16/01
Posts: 532
06/22/2003 3:36 pm
I'm leaving tomorrow to become a tank-commander in the Swedish army.
I will not have so much spare time so I won't hang out here
so much anymore I'm afraid.
No I'm not a war-freak, military service is mandatory here in Sweden.
Anyway, take care and son't do anything I would'nt do.
Hmm, I just can't imagine this place without my very long
and often unnecessary posts! ;)
Hopefully I will get permission to install a car-stereo of
epic proportions in the tank so I can listen to Randy Rhoads.
I mean would'nt 80's metal be a good way to scare the enemy,
after all they are playing Metallica in those terrorist-camps
as a torture-method, so imagine some Krokus blasting out
of huge 10.000w speakers, we wouldnt even have to fight, they would
probably surrender immediately!

Ok now even this post is getting too long, so I'll wrap this up
with a nice picture of the vehicle I'll be spending a year in.
Have a good one!