Pinky finger as no flexibility whatsoever...

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Hey guys,

My pinky cant hold a fret by its own...I have no flexibility at all with it. If for example my ring finger is on fret, even if it's life depends on it, my pinky cant hit a note on a fret besides it :(


If anyone as some tricks to help me with this...

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This depends on how inflexible it is.  You might have to start by simply trying to manipulate (move & stretch) your pinky with your other hand to get it moving.  Then try to move it on it's own, not necessarily fretting notes on the guitar.

But if you can already do that, then these tutorials are designed to help you develop strength & dexterity in your fretting hand & in particular your pinky.

Trill Drills is a series of exercises that focus on all fretting fingers.

Building Pinky Strength & Dexterity is a series of exercises focusing on your pinky.

Hope that helps!


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