Played for years, ready to move to the next level.

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I'm a recently retired 67 year old; I've been playing for years, mostly acoustic finger style. I've played and performed with bands, played open mikes and performed with a friend as a duo for several years.  I played electric when I was younger and did some lead playing in my teens, but I'm mostly self taught and I likely learned some bad habits I need to move beyond. I bought a Gretsch Duo Jet when I retired last year and am commited to finally learning to be an accomplished lead player. I contunue to work on my finger style chops, learning from the likes of Doc Watson, Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins via Youtube videos.  Looking forward to bringing it to the next level now that I have the time to focus on becoming a better player.

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Welcome Steve, with all your experience Christopher will likely be your greatest resource.

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Originally Posted by: steve633 "I bought a Gretsch Duo Jet when I retired last year"

Very nice. 👍  Which model?

Not into acoustic as deeply in my own journey so much as electric, and although familiar with Chet and Tommy I'd never stumbled across Doc Watson in my travels before, so I had to look up You Tube to see who Doc was -RIP. Thanks, and welcome. 😄

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