Hi! Joanie Larson here.

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Hi, I'm on level 1 of learning country chords and stumming.  I've noticed that I'm hearing a buzzing sound, especially when I'm trying to strum a little faster.

I do have short fingers and having a hard time trying to keep my fingers in place.  I also thought maybe it was my vaporizer, so I took that out of my room.

I do have nylon strings at least on the higher 3 stings and wire, I think, on the lower strings.  When I play slowly, I don't notice it so much.

Any advice would be apprecitated.  Thanks, Joanie

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Welcome Joanie,

My humble suggestion is to get a fresh set of new string appropriate for your guitar. If need be, A local music store or perhaps a guitar playing friend can help you out.

Keep working on those cowboy chords. Be patient, allow yourself some grace, and most of all have fun.


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