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Welcome.  I expect your ballet background will be of use when it comes to the importance of practice and not loosing your inertia.  After all guitar is a physical skill, just like ballet.  Learning guitar is not a sprint, it is a life long, distance race.  Patience is the key.  I suspect that was also the case in learning ballet.  So you are starting off on a good footing.

I can't help but wonder if you had a profesional lutier check the insturment.  There are many small ajustments that make a guitar perform as it should.  If you have not had a lutier look at these adjustments, it could be useful to do so.  A bad set up can make your playing more physically difficult, and it can  also make it imposible to play in tune.  If your guitar is not properly set up, it can hamper your progress.  Kind of like trying to win an Indy car race in a badly tuned vehicle. 

Your guitar could be fine, but having it checked will allow you to eliminate potential problems resulting from the adjustments being out of wack. That way you can focus on learning the techniques, not on how to force your insturment to do something it is not ready for.  Learning to play guitar is challanging enough, without having to work around problems with your instrument.

Lastly, as most people who have been sucessful at learning guitar will tell you.... HAVE FUN with your insturment.  It sounds like you are already on that track.  If you can continue having fun, guitar will keep you amused for the rest of your life.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY, AND IT WILL CARRY YOU FAR.

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