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#1 Originally Posted by: Tinpan

Hi. Wondering why gt is getting teachers to rehash old lessons rather than do new ones for us? A few this year are simply existing lessons redone and now Dave has gone to the effort of doing blackbird again?????? Caren already did that lesson and it's really good. Waste of subs surely when there's so many song lesson requests that don't make it. I wait for Dave to finally do a new exclusive  lesson for us subscribers after spending more time dishing out free stuff on Facebook and we get given same song by different teacher. Come on gt! 

I agree completely. I don't understand it either. All we get is one song a week and half of them are either made easy versions of songs already on site or same songs by different teachers. And also they used to add at least 2 songs a week and know we can't even get 1 new one. It's frustrating!