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Is the printing notation down C major scale one octive not working 

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Is the printing notation down C major scale one octive not working 

I don't think any of the print notation for lessons is working right now. I had reported to them that I was having problems with the formatting of print notation. Prior the week of 9/18 I downloaded/printed the PDF for Blues Style Level 1/Chapter 5 - Start Your Own Blues Lead Playing/Make Music With The Notes You Know/The Albert King Box which was lesson 3. I was able to print it and also save it as a PDF file. But in both cases the formatting was perfect. The lesson notation was split into 4 separate pages with the page numbers appearing at the bottom of each page and page breaks appearing in logical places. This week I wanted to print out lesson 3 again and also save it as a PDF file. What I noticed now is that the notation is now treated as one continuous single page so that when printed or saved as a PDF file the page breaks that should normally split the notation into multiple pages now appear in inappropriate places making it unreadable and difficult to follow. For example, a bar might get split down the middle such that the top half of the bar containing the first 3 strings may appear on one page and the bottom half of the bar containing strings 4, 5, & 6 may appear on the next page. Previously, that bar would not have been split in that manner. Whether you print it or save it to a PDF file there are no page numbers since it's treated as one continuous page. So something in the way these notations are formatted and stored has changed. I have reported this problem to them and their reply was "Thanks for writing in! We will forward your notes to our content and development department.". So now print notation is not available at all and has not been for the past several days. Hopefully they are working on fixing these issues.

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