My first month with guitar, and I have found my home here

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When I was a teenager, my grandfather gave me an electric guitar, so I tinkered with it to play some Nirvana, Metallica, and Black Sabbath riffs. Fast forward 30 years, to when I spontanously decided to head to my local guitar store and buy an acoustic guitar. This was a month ago and I am happy I had that urge, because I have really been enjoying learning a new instrument.

I have been trying a variety of online learning with mixed results. My guitar is a Fender, so I decided to try them first.

Fender Play is well produced, but the actual lessons are agonizingly slow. The instructors are incredibly verbose, and it loses my attention. The riffs and songs you can use for learning are pretty cool, though. This felt far too expensive for what it is, so I quit after the trial.

I admire Justin Guitar for the personal touch and can see why many people recommend him. I tried him for a few days and just couldn't keep interest. The lessons kind of jump around and I didn't feel I was learning much before going to the next topic. It's good that there is a quality free option, though.

I am currently on the Yousician trial and really enjoying it. I'm not sure how much it actually teaches, but it is great for practicing fretting. The game-like system makes me look forward to playing guitar every day. I am tempted to sign up for this one. Again, seems expensive for what you get.

I went through some Guitar Tricks lessons with "Lisa" here when I first got my guitar, but stopped after the free trial ended. I decided to check it out again today and noticed there are all new lessons. These new lessons have me hooked. My fingers are sore! They are just the right pace and don't treat you like an idiot (like Fender Play). The price, especially after using a coupon code, feels like a great value, and I didn't feel nervous about subscribing to a year with their 60 day refund policy.

Anyway, I'm happy to have finally found a lesson program that feels right. You may see more of me around the forums in-between nursing my sore fingertips!

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I also like Yousician, and agree about if you're actually learning.   I love taking guitar tricks to learn, and you can use Yousician for free, just to have fun with.  There are a ton of things that will help, like all the arpeggio drills, that are available in the free version.  But I wanted something where I felt like I was learning, and not just following the bouncing ball ;)

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