played for years and cant play a song

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hi all   just joined full acess to try and get some real lessons    55 yr old, self taught noodler for many years but cant seem to learn a real song to save my life,   dont know if i jump around too much or what...anyhow, decided to start over at the very beginning and maybe this approach will help my feeling like i can actually play something.     glad to be here :)

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William MG
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Best of luck. I started a few years back at 56. Lots of good song lessons here. 

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You sound just like me. I know lots of little bits, been playing for years and can only play one song so through including solo and that's Rock The Nation by Montrose. I think I've forgotten the solo now though.



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Rumble Walrus
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Don't sweat it warlock.  You're in the right place.  Take your time, nose around, and have fun!

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Try and find a song on here that you know every note to already and start at the beginning of the lesson. Take it in chunks and stick at it. If you love the song it will motivate you more. Learning songs you love all the way through really helps with opening your mind and fingers to the fundamentals and concepts. I don't think there's a clear 1 size fits all path,  but songs that mean a lot to you are the best way to stay engaged and trigger lightbulb moments. Don't expect too much early but if you find motivation through inspiration then you will surprise yourself. 

Good luck and hope it all clicks.

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