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When I want to continue where I left off, I click History, but when I click on the lesson it goes to the next lesson in the series.

Shouldn't it go to the lesson I was on?


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Hi Paul, and Happy Friday! Yes, it is currently set up to perform this way. But we can certainly update it to not do so. I have offered your feedback to the developers and they will take a look. Thank you for providing us your experience, and what you would like to see change. Much appreciated! 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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I also prefer those lessons do not go automaticlly forward. It's confusing because it skips to the next lesson each time you click on BEGIN. I would rather do it when I feel I am ready for the next lesson and not rushed into a next one all the time.

A simple poll would do the trick with people voting there preference/ But this is definitely one of those annoying changes that should not be there as it messes with the natural speed of learning of a learner. You shouldn't be rushed like that + it's just wrong that it skips every time to a next lesson with each press of BEGIN. I fight with it daily learning a new song/

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