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Ben Martin
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#10 Originally Posted by: maxxmcgiven

When will autoscroll be fixed? It has not worked properly on my pc laptop or on my iPad for more than a week. Also, I hate the way the pop up thing in the upper right corner now blocks the tablature and you cant get rid of it even if you want to manually scroll. These two things have turned GT from a great app into a real pain in the a&$. Please fix!

Hey everyone, I'm sorry that the autoscroll has been wonky on some devices since rolling out the new website. Yesterday afternoon we pushed out an update to the autoscroll system that fixed all the errors we identified during testing. We adjusted the controlbox so it doesn't get in the way of the notation on smaller screens, we adjusted how far it scrolls to better compensate for the screen size you are on, and we fixed a bug that would sometimes make the notation automatically scroll to the bottom of the notation when restarting a video that had reached the end. 

If there are still issues today, please try clearing the cache on your browser. If you still see an issue, please let us know what device you are using and what the specific issue is, and we will get it fixed as fast as we can.