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Depends upon how you approached JustinGuitar's 'course'. Although JG has come a long way in the past 18 months, it's still less structured than GT. As you've surmised, you'll initially have to assess were you currently are honestly with yourself. [br][br]That being the case, were I in your shoes I'd start with Fundamentals too. No doubt you're going to experience a lot of deja vu in doing so and will likely breeze through both quickly, however I think it's essential to approach it this way so as not to leave any gaps in skill or knowledge preparatory for continuation beyond. You'll recognise when you've caught up faced with new concepts and skill challenges.[br][br]

I wouldn't spend more than an initial famil approach time with [u]both[/u] however lest boredom set in and demotivation occur. Fundamentals tutor teaching styles, approaches and content differ. After a couple of vids, you'll get a sense of which appeals to you. Just pick one and press Go.[br][br][br]