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I am starting new on the guitar. I have been practicing my transitions from chords G, C, and D and am struggling with quick transitions? When I try to move faster for the G, C, and D song I get worse. Any pointers?

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Newbie here too. I struggled with a couple of things that held me back in those chords.

- using too much pressure when holding the chord. With a strong grip it is harder to release and move to the other chord. Try to loosen the pressure to as light as possible , but the chord on all strings still sounds good.

- not all fingers need to move when transitioning from one chord to another, move only those that need to change

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Guitar takes lots of patience and lots of repetitive practise.

Rough transitions are normal starting out. Using a metronome will help, start out slow then speed up as you can.

Are you doing Fundamental 1 or 2?

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