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Hi folks,

Never played before always wanted to just never got around to it.

Picked up a Ibanez Gio electric (lefty) and fender amp completed the trial and working through the fundamental lessons. All ready to go with the full subscription.

Any tips for a 61 year old with short fingers and left handed? Thanks.

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William MG
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Hi Ray,

Only advice I would offer is to enjoy your time with the guitar and keep your practice regular and about having fun. For me, that means playing along to songs and I always find something in the catalogue to keep me at it.

Good luck!

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Welcome, Ray!

Navigating lessons and songs that are taught "righty-style", when you are a lefty playing on a lefty guitar, can be tricky on the brain cells!

But is sounds like you are doing really well with it - congratulations!

Welcome to GuitarTricks!


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