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05/01/2022 12:34 pm
Originally Posted by: ChristopherSchlegel
Originally Posted by: Violanted

For this song you require Tremolo and a lots of reverbe


Yes, and a fuzz effect for the solo.


For this one how can I achieve the Tremolo effect and a lots of Reverb I definately need a new pedal?

You can get each effects unit as a separate pedal. Or you get all those effects in an all-in-one type unit. And there are software versions of all of them as well. But I'm assuming you want a physical unit to plug into your amps.

Boss, MXR, Fender, Strymon, all make great tremolo pedals.

And reverb pedals.

They start at $25US & go up to hundreds of $!

Since you have some electronics knowledge you might consider building your own. You can get some nifty DIY kits these days.

Another option is to get an all-in-one effects processor that could do everything. But that depends on your budget. I have one of these Zoom units.

It has a 47 modeled effects, 8 amp models, and speaker configurations. And you can combine & chain effects together & tweak all the settings. So I could use just that & get a tremolo, reverb, slap-back delay & a fuzz for the solo all in one box.

Don't forget the most important ingredient is the playing skills to play the right notes at the right time! Hope that helps!

thanks a lot

I full agree that obviously playing right notes at the right time is a must before anything.

i have been playing piano keyboard organ since nearly 15 years now so timings sense or rhythm and notes accuracy is something that is part integrated of my musical experience I have good musical theory musical knowledge.

guitar however is new my band mates play guitar and I am affascinated by this instrument

I would buy this do you think is good enough to start with?

Zoom Multistomp MS-70 CDR

Dave Mojo