Released a New Song Today!

Anders Mouridsen
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Hey everybody,

I released a new song to all your favorite streaming services today, and it's full of fun guitar playing. The main riff is played on my Eddie Cochran Gretsch and the lead is played on my Gretsch Baritone. Recorded in the magical desert east of L.A.

Hope you like it!


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Rumble Walrus
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Like it!

I'm currently playing one of the entry/mid level Gretch Electromatics - my first electric - so thanks for the axe note.

As a note, looks like you're playin a hard tail Jet on your Blues course intro.

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Cam B
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Sounds great mate!

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Simply beautiful!

Captcha is a total pain in the........

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Andrew Durrett
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That is beautiful. I love the tone of your voice and guitars and the story comes through the lyrics really well.

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