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01/03/2022 5:07 pm
Originally Posted by: Violanted

I am begineer and still struggling but I am learning my first full B.B. King[br]The Thrill Is Gone (Made Easy)


At this point in your learning just worry about playing the right notes at the right time. Equipment is only a consideration after you've leared to play a little!

Originally Posted by: ViolantedSince the path I want undertake once I complete the GF 2 is Blues I wonder what pedal or anythig other things do I need to get that typical B B King sound or typically I like Blues that is what Jimmy Reed was playing or Muddy Water[/quote]

As John mentioned, none of those guys used pedals. Just an electric guitar straight into an basic amp with a clean tone.

If you are trying to emulate BB King then an electric clean tone is perfect to start with. It's going to be all about the notes & phrasing.

We have a list of BB King tunes with a Gear & Tone lesson in each one.

For example, Anders details the clean tone approach in this lesson.

Originally Posted by: Violantedeven Eric Clpaton for example Sweet Home Chicago

For something like that you might need to have a little gain or overdrive, but you can usually find an appropriate setting on any beginner amp.

[quote=Violanted]I build Tube Amps and Cabs myself, did this since a while currently I have an 5F1 Champ for Home and also a Madam Amp this is basically a 60s Bluesbreaker sound (Clean) with 2 channels where the second Channel is British Rock sound from 70s where you can add gain for distortion.

This is exactly right for what you are trying to eventually do! Practice & have fun!

[quote=Violanted]any other ideas is there a pedal that I can buy or build that can help with blues.

Some of the British blues players started using treble boosters, Dallas Rangemasters, Tonebenders. But those are all just basic & primitive gain pedals & any amp with a gain channel will do just fine.

Hope that helps!

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