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Guitar World has given us a list of The 20 Best Guitar Albums of 2021. Some of these I agree with.

I'm a huge fan of Kingfish Ingram and, while I don't have the album, I've heard several tracks on the radio. And I'm a fan of Samantha Fish, having seen her live on the Blues cruise, and Billy Gibbons.

But I have to admit there are far more names on here that I am not familiar with than ones I am. I need to do some listening/investigating!

Your thoughts on the list? Anyone on here that you know about, and you love, that you think we should know about? Or any one on here that you go, "What?!?! they are on this list! No Way!!!"[br][br]Well?

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If you are looking for guitar heros.... the rouster is very thin these days. Music is now written by computers, and reacorded by computers and it is played on computers. If you want real guitar heros... you would do better to look to the past.

Legeslation that led to Clear Channel to subjugate the radio, now means that radio is never going to allow something like Neil Young singing "Four dead in Ohio" to clutter the air waves. Apparently rich people find political comentary unseemly in pop music and so they fixed it.

Captcha is a total pain in the........

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I think Samantha Fish is fantastic matonanjin2.

Guitar music isn't going anywhere soon and real people continue to write it and put their heart into it. I have a very optimistic view of the future of guitar. Kids today still think guitar is cool and as long as we have kids dreaming we will always have new music.

In regards to radio, that's not where it's at anymore. Streaming services are where the kids need to be.

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