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Hi, I usually use my tablet when I practice and take lessons on guitar tricks. During the video on the left side of the video, it gives me the option to slow down the play to the speed that I like. When the battery dies on my tablet I move to my Android phone and find that I don't have the option there to slow down the video play. Anyone else have that experience? Of course I try to only use my tablet but once in a while I forget to charge it in time

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Hey Pups! Great question, the Mobile version of the program does not have all the features that the Tablet version of the program has. We are continually working on updates for the mobile/tablet versions of Guitar Tricks. Feel free to submit any suggestions to Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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I get around this issue on an Android Pixel phone by

1. Open GT in Chrome on the phone

2. Click 3 dots in upper right hand corner

3. Select "Desktop site"

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