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Mike Olekshy
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Mike Olekshy
Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 09/21/10
Posts: 1,050
08/25/2021 2:42 pm

Hi Paul! Your goals sound excellent - dig in and have fun with it!

A few ideas for that walkup from Bm to G:

1) Single note or Octave walk up -- Instead of strumming the Bm chord, start with the B note (2nd fret of the A str) then go up the B minor scale: C# D then E F# leading to G. The timing would be quarter notes for B, C#, and D (1, 2, 3) then eighth notes for the E and F# notes (4, and-of-4). If you use single notes, you can stay in the same position. If you choose to use octave shapes, use the A and G strings and ascend up the neck.

2) You could try walking up with full chords - here's how I would do that (same timing as above): Bm, A/C# (index finger barring 2nd fret of D G and B strings, ring or pinky adding 4th fret of A str), D(open,) Em (open) then a pickup note for F# (2nd fret of low string) then go to on open G.

I hope this helps - let me know how it goes!!


Originally Posted by: paulcavaliere

Hi Mike, I've learnt Hotel California from your lesson on here.

I'm playing it solo on my 6 string acoustic.

I used the Chord chart from your lesson, playing it in the key of Bm in the first position (no capo).

I have added a more diverse strumming/picking pattern in 4/4 time.

I would like to add the walk up in the Chorus:

[G] [D]

Welcome to the Hotel California

[F#] [Bm7]*

Such a lovely place, such a lovely place


Plenty of the room ...

*Instead of the Bm7 on "lovely place", I'd like to do a walk up to G (similar to the song) while strumming but can't figure it out. Any advice?

My goal is two fold.

1. I'd like to learn the simpler open chord version to sing with (still tough to sing and play for me when the words are not on the beat)

2. I also looked at Anders' advanced lesson and he has a Capo on the 7th fret. I'm going to learn Anders' version too with the very precise picked string intro and verse.

Keep rockin!
Mike Olekshy
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