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07/02/2022 8:55 pm
Originally Posted by: snojones


There would be another down side to privatizing the forum than "more work for instructors". I think you are missing something useful here at GT. When someone asks a question, it frequently is asked and answered for and by many people. By that I mean other people, reading questions and answers, are helped by hearing the diffrent answers to the origianal question. All those people are diffrent. They understand in relationship to their own experience. This is how people learn. Having more perspectives on your questions can be very illuminating.

I have been here for some time now and I still find useful info in this forum. Info that spans the distance between "I just got a guitar and my fingers won't cooperate" to esoteric questions about abstract theory appilcation.

This is probably one of the most supportive audiences you will find as you walk your path toward mastery of your instrument. You will most likely benifit from this association, no matter where you are on the learning continuim. "We have all been there"... or maybe better stated... "We are all here, finding our way, along with you".

Guitar mastery, if it is done right, is a life long journey. Having company along the way, is invaluable. This forum can be a useful tool to help you find your own way. After all music is best when shared with others... no better time to start that process than now.

In view of the fact, that you don't know me or know my level of playing I find most of your reply rather condescending........I do though agree with some things that you have pointed out.

Yes, you are quite right in that personal messaging to the instructors here would be more work for the instructors.... Maybe that's why it's not offered.... Maybe it could be made another tier of paid membership where by the student pays extra for the luxury of having personal messages answered or even having a video or two of their playing critiqued every now and then.

A student can sit in front of guitar forums, youtube and or Guitar Tricks song tutorials all they like. They can sit solitary and practice these song tutorials all they like...

I can assure you that this will be no substitute for one on one private guitar tuition by a good teacher. It will never come close to private tuition from a good teacher......

Whilst I find GuitarTricks song tutorials probably the best on offer on the internet The GuitarMastery that you speak of in your reply will never be reached without private tuition. This level can only be got by one on one tuition and having a Teacher sort through intricate issues of the player..

Whilst it is good here at GuitarTricks, the forums are great, the tutorials as I mentioned are the best on offer, the limitation, however, is not having individual feedback to students.......

All students of any field require their homework to be corrected and mistakes pointed out in order to learn.

Not to mention being pushed into the discipline of actually doing their homework.

Guitar tricks is great, my point is that there is no substitute for teacher-student one-on-one.

Good day to you.

Kind Regards

Anthony (Now Back in Australia)