How To Get This Incredible Fuzz Tone

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I've recently become very interested in a tune that features, what sounds like, a guitar tone with an incredible amount of clear fuzz. Being a guitarist for quite a while posessing a modest rig, with the original intention being to emulate David Gilmour's tones, I came across the aforementioned tune and was baffeled by the sheer perecieved thickness in the tone. To me, this sounds like a heavily affected and processed guitar, but the modulations to the sound have really transcended the normal associations one holds about distorted guitar tones. I'm mainly just interested in opening up a discussion about how this could be replicated in a guitar rig, what effects may theoretically be used, or even post-processing techniques.

(The guitar tone in question begins at 0:13, but there are other peripheral guitar tracks used):

(I am very new to the forum, so if I have posted this inquiry in the wrong thread, or if this discussion point is simply not fit for this forum in general I seriously apologize.)

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This is a great question! Maybe someone in the forum versed in tones and pedals will know the specific answer!

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I don't want to spoil the fun but are you sure that's a guitar we're hearing? I was thinking synth but I hope I'm completely wrong. Sorry for not being helpful. :-)

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There's a flanger, phaser, distortion and possibly something like a Lesley amp or tremolo on the riffs that rise and fall in pitch.

I think the guitar that starts where you write is basically really heavy distortion and reverb. There may also be an octive pedal involved or something that doubles the notes.

I think there's also considerable post production on the recording itself but could be wrong on that score.

It definitely isn't something you're going to replicate with just a fuzz, although I suppose you could get the distortion from a fuzz pedal.

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