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04/06/2021 5:37 pm
Originally Posted by: Carl King

My main complaint about Les Pauls is that they are not too ergonomic. They don't balance quite right on your lap, they're heavy, the angles are weird, and the body shape is not too comfortable when it's pressed against you. It was one of the first electric guitars (I think?), so the design problems are maybe not too surprising.


Blaspheemer!!!!!!! My first guitar was a 68 LP Deluxe and I've got a 2017 Gibson LP Trad Pro IV I might me partial.


Aesthetically I have a soft spot for Les Pauls ,and after asking around I was recommended the Epiphone Les Paul standard 60’s or the Epiphone Les Paul Modern Faded. I was also suggested a fender stratocaster player hss pro top.

I tend to like alternative rock/indie, metal and classic rock. I hope am hoping to play select songs from the doors ,red hot chilli peppers, metallica, nirvana, joy division, queens of the stone age jimi hendrix, rolling stones, linkin park and foo fighters.

Also are there an amps or accessories (pedals, capos, cables, straps carry/gig case etc)you would recommend based on my music choice?

In terms of budget I would say for the guitar: £600-800 & Amp: £150-250

Though my reponse to Carl was all in good humor, I do love a Les Paul and will probably always have one. I love the feel. This totally contradicts Carl's thoughts but it is about feel. Is the Les Paul the most ergonomic guitar? It's not but it does have a little bit of a mojo I can't totally describe.

However, tht ma not be your best choice as Les Paul's aren't exactly known for being adaptable to all styles.

With that in mind, my two suggestions are:

-PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar with 85/15 pickups and you could get that for about £650.00

-Fender Player Stratocaster HSS which you could get for about £600.00

My thought behind them is that these will be very versitile and also great playing instruments. Both would probably be great fun to play and well made. The PRS has coil taps wheich means you can split the coils for a more single coil sound. Though the Fender humbucker does not split, it's also very versitile and truth be knowm, when you set the pickup switch bwetween the neck and middle pickup, that's the desirable spot anyway. Both guitars probably some with a gig bag.

Straps? I only go for the Planet Waves woven straps. Very, very comfortable.