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About a year ago I posted my first technical question to Lisa McCormick about something I didn't understand in Fundamentals 2 and asked if it was ok to move on because I had no high expectations for this new hobby. I would have been content sitting on my porch just strumming some open chords on an old acoustic.

Flash forward a year and I now have an upgraded newer electric acoustic, an electric Telecaster and now I just purchased a Boss Katana 50 to go with it all. Oh and I went back and completed GF2 thoroughly this time. Man how did this all happen? I guess I'm hooked now. so I had to spend some time getting to know this machine. I've got it pretty much all figured out. Installed the ToneCentral software on my PC and can now build and import my own tone libraries from custom patches on Boss's website and even found an online site that has other users custom patches. I'll put a link below if anyone is interested. I also know how to create and save my own tones although being a novice I'm not too sure of what I'm doing in that area. So far I figured out that a clean setting, EQ's at noon, dime the master volume, add a little bit of reverb and delay and then work the gain and preamp volume as needed is a good start. After that I'm clueless, but that's where the tone library comes into play. I know it's the lazy mans way of doing it, but I believe a wise GT Instructor once said not to spend too much time turning knobs and more time practicing the guitar and I couldn't agree more Christopher, but man is this thing fun to play around with.

While I'm getting better at the electric, I still love acoustic and this was an added bonus. It has a setting for Acoustic. It's probably simulated, but I'm sure there are many tones out there for that as well. It just makes it that much more versatile. For example, this morning I was learning the song Rebel Rouser. It has both acoustic rythym and electric lead parts. I was just switching between both channel settings for my acoustic tone and my country electric tone that I have saved and learning and playing both parts without having to switch guitars or amps around.

I highly recommend, even to all beginners if your looking for a good starter amp don't let this one intimidate you. It's a bit of a learning curve if you have no experience with amps I know, but it will be worth it once your comfortable with it cause it's an amp you won't outgrow. Some have stated you can even gig with this. Plus it doesn't hurt to get a little familiar with tones and settings.

Here is the link as I said to tons of guitar patches for anyone who uses this and other modelling amps. All free and easy to load in to your library. Most of them are in .tsl format so no need to unzip or extract them. Have fun.


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Hi Moe,

You won't believe this, but guess what I am playing through right now? lol, congradulations on the amp. I think these are great. You are way ahead of me on the tech side of things. Right now I am just jamming along to an A Blues track using the A blues scale. I am using the lead channel + gain at 11 + tones at noon and just a bit of boost. Playing through the neck with volume and tone on the guitar about 1/2 way and it sounds cool to me.

I know you enjoy your acoustics, but I think you will also enjoy playing with tone.

Enjoy it Moe!

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Hi William, that's funny. I didn't know you had one. Most of what I learned was from Justin of justinguitars. He has a great three part tutorial from unboxing to how to install and setup the tonecentral software and setting up your libraries. Also Marty Schwartz has some good videos on how to dial in some good tone. I'm sure your familiar with both of them.

[br]Once you get that setup go to that website I linked and type in the search engine an artist you want to emulate. I saw plenty out there of all kinds of artists you'd like. [br][br]



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Congrats on the new gear .

I nearly got one last year, but went with line 6 spider V.

modeling amps aren't everyone's cup of tea, but for me I'm really impressed with them.

so many great sounds & lots of tweaks etc

your going to have a blast my friend



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Originally Posted by: mjgodin

Flash forward a year and I now have an upgraded newer electric acoustic, an electric Telecaster and now I just purchased a Boss Katana 50 to go with it all.

[p]Congrats on the new gear! It's a great little amp. And yes, keep playing guitar more than turning knobs. :)

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Debated for some time between the one you have and the Yamaha THR10ii. I choose the latter in the end. Have fun!

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Thanks guys, yeah so many good models out there to choose from. You can't go wrong. I can't believe how loud this thing can go. It's got three power settings and I only use the .5w range and occasionally the 20w. Whenever I load a custom patch I have to be careful cause the creators sometimes use full Master and Volume settings so I get a loud feedback squeel if I'm set any higher than .5w. I can't ever imagine short of performing on stage of using the 50w setting, but it's nice to know this amp can grow with me if I ever get to that level of playing.

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I had a katana 50, they are very nice, and the well priced.

Quality build, good sounds, nice control system, and pretty light to carry around.

What I found with the Katana 50,(not the 100) is that you can not use the record-out at the same time as the physical speaker output, you get one or the other. Yes you can record via USB, while still using the cabinet speaker, but that recording seems to be pre-effects only. The 100 has a dedicated Line out, which would of suited my needs.

I record all my practice sessions into a DAW, but also want to hear/feel the raw amp sound at the same time, so I decided to upgrade to a Line6 Spider V 240 MkII. I know it's overkill, but sometime I just want to crank it up to 11, and have enough power to shake the walls.

Both are quality amps with nice featchers, but the line6 was just a better fit for me.

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