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Hi GT Admins,

May I suggest a new FAQ section in the forum. Seems to be recurring questions always popping up - how long does it take to learn guitar? How long should I practice? What should my practice routine look like? Should I learn songs or stick with lessons? How long to stay on one lesson before moving on? How long does it take to get through GT1 and 2? and I'm sure many more ...

Just a suggestion, for what it's worth.

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john of MT
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The suggestion has merit. But let's face it, if 'they' don't use the search function before asking the question it's unlikely a FAQ sub-forum is going to improve the issue of repetitive questions.

However, there is potential benefit for the instructiors, admin and old, cranky members... instead of retyping the same ol' answers to the same 'ol questions one could simply and quickly refer the inquisitive newbie to the FAQ section. That in itself may make a FAQ sub-forum worthwhile.

Some of the work is already done, just click on the Help tab and what's revealed addresses many of those newbie questions. But the Help tab is available almost everywhere -- [u]except[/u] on the forum pages...

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Originally Posted by: paulcavaliere

May I suggest a new FAQ section in the forum.

[p]That seems like a good idea. But I can think of a few reasons against.

1. GT already has, or tried, a number of standalone videos & blog posts about these topics.

2. Most of these topics are at least mentioned if not explicitly covered in GF 1 & 2.

3. I think people like to interact! They want to have a conversation about it. Hear from other learners & ask instructors direct questions.

So, even if there was a big FAQ button on the homepage, I don't think it will ever stop people from wanting to ask & use the forum to do so. I'm glad we have the forum because I enjoy answering guitar & music questions & encouraging students when I can. I don't mind copy-pasting my existing forum answers when I can. :)

Hope that helps!

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