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Originally Posted by: mjgodin

I never understood that either. If GT has the rights to teach the song why can't we print out the notation then? Is that a separate legal hurdle?



I suspect this is exactly what it is. I have worked some songs that one could see the notation on screen but the "Print" button was not available.


Snipping tool into word. Shhhhhh.....

@moosehockey18 I don't know what "Snipping" tool is. But what I do is probably similar. there is a song or two that I wanted the printed tabs on my desk or music stand but I couldn't print from the lesson.

I put the tabs on the screen and did a "screen capture". I use Windows; I'm sure there is a similar Apple process.

I then loaded my graphics program; I use IrfanView (I may have used Photoshop on some of these). I then did a paste into the graphics program and then printed it.

Of course you can never get the entire page on one screen so I think a couple times I did a screen capture or the top part of the page; did a screen capture of the bottome part of page and then merged them in the graphics program.

Yeah, one has to decide if it worth that much work and tme. For me it was on a couple songs. (this is probably also of questionable legality).

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