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12/26/2002 5:55 pm
Originally posted by SLY
Hmmm, I'll try to explain.

let's take the B diminished

B D F G# , right? ... how about playing it endlessly?
B D F G# B D F G# B D F G# ....
as you can see , this chord can be called B diminished, D diminished , F diminished or G3 diminished .... and it's still one chord , got it??

Move up 0.5 steps and make another diminished chord... that would be C diminished: C D# F# A .... this can also be called C , D# ,F# or A diminished.

OK, up another 0.5 step, C# diminished : C# E G A# ... this is C# ,E ,G or A# diminished .

Last time, up another 0.5 step , D diminished: D F G# B ... back to the original B diminished...

So they are originaly only 3 diminished chords that exist in music, but played from different roots and octaves.

and that happens because the diminished chord is built from 3 small terzas (hmm do we say terza in eglish?)
so every invertion of chord will give u another chord built from 3 1.5 intervals.

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