Ibanez OD850

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Price £119

Made in Japan reissue of the original 1974 pedal design.

Pros - nice solid aluminium casing with good quality controls and heavy duty foot switch, this pedal feels very well made and I'm confident that it will last a long time.

It's labeled an overdrive pedal but this is 100% a fuzz pedal going from a lovely warm fuzz to saturated fuzz awesomeness.

The tone control has a good range to it allowing a variety of tones to be dialed in and the pedal is true bypass which is a nice feature.

I've put this pedal through a Marshall JTM 45, Vox AC 10, heavily modified Epiphone Valve Junior, Orange Tiny Terror and an Orange rockerverb 50 so a wide variety of different amp circuits and I found it very easy to dial in a good range of different tones through each amp.

Cons - The battery compartment requires 4 screws to be removed to access it, I understand this is because that's how it was on the original but I'm putting it as a con as it's not very quick to gain access to.

Overall I'm very impressed with this pedal, it's got a great sound to it and a nice range of different tones that are easily achieved with it, good build quality and made in Japan so high quality parts and craftsmanship.

It's still early days as I've only had it a few weeks but I think this is a pedal that will be staying on my pedal board for a long time.

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Nice review fuzz

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They're not the only brand name trying to market new pedals. Fender have the new hammertone range that covers everything. If anyone here's familiar with them, please share your thoughts. Thank-you.

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