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08/11/2020 9:13 pm


i write to ask you guys opinion on strumming for acoustic playing.

I find that my acoustic guitar is very loud when i strum it and find it a little bit

scary and alive. like a monster.

This is perhaps because i really am still a beginner acoustic guitar player, but perhaps with some intermediate skills that come from being a bass player for years.

was wondering if there was any thing that i could do in terms of strumming apart from

playing more softly, and perhaps buying a smaller body guitar...

any recommendations with regards to pick type.

As i have experimented with different types of picks to various degrees of success

i have to admit the pick thing is very idiosyncratic

my favourite picks at the mo for acoustic playing are jim dumplops USA nylon picks that have a bit of a grip on them. mostly fairly medium types. such as .73, .80, .88 guages

i tried lighter ones but found them a bit flappy, they make a very flappy sound when strumming like someone running with flip flops on or something - not great

i also think that soft playing can be really nice and in some cases better than

hard and loud knock them out strumming which can lack in dynamics and accuracy

anyway just a question in hope to draw on you guys infinite wisdom and experience