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Originally Posted by: Guitar_Tricks_Admin

Thanks for the feedback manXcat! Again, the system is in beta, and to be honest, we do not currently see the feature being used at the scale we had hoped. It's just not something that we're going to invest time into if there is a very very tiny amount of messages actually being sent each month.

What kind of strange logic is that?

"Our beta DM system is crappy. Members don't want to use a crappy DM system and consequently don't send many messages. Therefore, we're content to neglect improving the crappy beta DM system."

Imagine if everybody used that logic in their everyday lives.

"I make crappy "beta" widgets. People don't want to use crappy widgets and consequently, few people buy my widgets. Because sales of my widgets are so low, I'm content to neglect improving my crappy "beta" widgets".

That's your business model?

I for one want a decent Direct Messaging system, and I think a lot of people in here are with me (this thread has been viewed by over 7,000 members). I've done my share of coding and know that it would [u]not[/u] be an overwhelming task, even for a single computer programmer, to implement the things suggested in this thread. Even flailing AOL was able to implement useful a DM system on their message boards over 25 years ago.

Why can't you just give this matter some serious thought and then provide us with a [u]meaningful[/u] answer rather than the logical fallacy that you thoughtlessly tossed into the ring to appease the naysayers and to effectively slam the door on DM enthusiasts?

C'mon Admin, up your game already. We expect more from you, and rightfully so.


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