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Originally Posted by: manXcat

Hi Billy

GT DM beta implementation feedback.

First, the good.

My thanks for initiating a DM service within the website's forum software.

Now the not so good.

In its current beta state, referring to it as rudimentary would be a complimentiary critique.

[u]Requires[/u] the following features to be functionally worthwhile. Items 1, 2(ii) & 4 are imperative minimums.

1. User notification flag of a message waiting in inbox annunciating on the main screen if logged in. That's basic and intrinsic of every forum application I have used since fidonet GUI days (think early '90s).

2. Message (i) sent/(ii) read flags

3. Save copy of sent message -which should be automatic/default unless set otherwise by the user

4. End user delete message capability

5. Message archival capability - can be total number of messages restricted or space limited.



Thanks for the feedback manXcat! Again, the system is in beta, and to be honest, we do not currently see the feature being used at the scale we had hoped. It's just not something that we're going to invest time into if there is a very very tiny amount of messages actually being sent each month.

Regardless, thank you for the solid feedback. This is the type of comment we'd like to see (you don't have to jab us lol)!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.