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In 11 words or less, I have to agree with manXcat.

Originally Posted by: manXcat

Hi Billy

GT DM beta implementation feedback.

First, the good.

My thanks for initiating a DM service within the website's forum software.

Now the not so good.

In its current beta state, referring to it as rudimentary would be a complimentiary critique.

[u]Requires[/u] the following features to be functionally worthwhile. Items 1, 2(ii) & 4 are imperative minimums.

1. User notification flag of a message waiting in inbox annunciating on the main screen if logged in. That's basic and intrinsic of every forum application I have used since fidonet GUI days (think early '90s).

2. Message (i) sent/(ii) read flags

3. Save copy of sent message -which should be automatic/default unless set otherwise by the user

4. End user delete message capability

5. Message archival capability - can be total number of messages restricted or space limited.