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Guitar Tricks Instructor
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09/09/2022 6:15 pm
Originally Posted by: mark bergen

Hey Christopher, fantastic posts! I am looking for a Brian Setzer Stray Cats sound. Any tips?

That's fun stuff to play. :) The core of that is a clean, bright tone with a little bite, but the really magic is in the slapback delay with a little reverb.

I have a preset on my Zoom pedal explicitly for that slapback echo stuff when I play Setzer stuff. So, I don't usually do that on my Katana. But I just tried these settings with decent results.

Guitar on bridge pickup.

Amp type: clean

Gain: 50%

Volume: 75%

EQ: Bass 25%, Mids 75%, Treble75%


Boost (yellow) 25%

Delay (yellow or red both seem to work well) 80% (in order to get it loud enough)

(tap the tempo button quickly so you get a short repeat)

Reverb 40%

The problem here is that you can't get only one repeat of the delay without connecting your Katana to your computer & installing the Boss Tone Studio in order to edit the settings to get only one repeat. Because that's the classic rockabilly twang. You can set the Delay knob to lower like 50%, but that lowers the volume & the slapback is supposed to be very quick and almost as lous as the original signal.

Anyway that will get you in the ballpark.

These GT lessons cover rockabilly tone in depth & detail.

Hope that helps!

Christopher Schlegel
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