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Guitar Tricks Instructor
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10/28/2019 1:01 pm
Originally Posted by: craftykenny

Hi Christopher. If its not too much trouble i am lookingfor a mick ronson type tone circa the ziggy stardust era also a gary moore still got the blues tone.I play a prs se custom also a strat thru either a 80s blues junior or boss katana 50. All the best Kenny Mac.

Mick Ronson is pure Les Paul through cranked Marshall. The really trick here is to get the cocked wah sound. I'm not sure how to set the Katana's auto wah to not open & close. So you might just have to boost the mids & add a fuzz.

PRS guitar on bridge humbucker.

Crunch amp type

Gain 5

Volume 7

Bass 4

Mid 6

Treble 8

Effects - Booster (Again!) but you'll have to go into the BOSS Tone Studio settings on your computer. Look for the 60s Fuzz effect. You might get by with the basic distortion setting.

Gary Moore's tone was a Les Paul on the neck pickup into an overdrive (supposedly a Marshall Governor pedal) into a loud Marshall (supposedly a JTM45).

PRS guitar on neck humbucker.

Lead amp type

Gain 8

Volume 8

Bass 5

Mid 7

Treble 5

Effects - Booster (Again!) look for a good overdrive (yellow) setting & try it around 7-8.

Hope that helps!

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